Traffic and Parking Committee

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The Traffic and Parking Committee plays a major role in establishing the motor vehicle and bicycle regulations and makes recommendations for the spending of parking funds.  The Committee's decisions are advisory to the Chancellor.

Membership of the Committee includes the constituencies listed below.  All non-student appointments are for three years.  Student appointments are for one year.  The Ex-Officio members and Non‑Voting Participating members serve on the committee on a continuing basis

Committee Group Members


  • Amaka Anaza - Graduate Council
  • Stacia Werner - Civil Service Employees Council
  • Nicholas Guarcliano - Faculty Senate
  • Josi Rawls - Administrative/Professional Staff

Student Appointments:

  • Rachel Nozicka - Graduate/Professional Student Council
  • Emma Wilker - Undergraduate Student Government
  • Tena Bennett - Student Center Board
  • Lisa Caringer - Student Affairs

Ex - Officio:

  • Benjamin Newman - Director of Department of Public Safety


  • Scott Weber - Engineering Services
  • Andrea Palmer - FEM
  • Leslie Bellock - Interim
  • Misty Butler - Parking Division
  • Ryan House - Department of Public Safety
  • Jeffrey Holmes - Department of Public Safety/Admin