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Payroll deduction begins May 13th and ends June 7th

  • Only these forms will be allowed for payroll deduction
  • Incomplete forms will not be processed
  • All completed forms must be emailed to
  • Be sure to complete the Parking Decal Information form for Each vehicle you are registering

Online Parking System: It works

It's not that we don't want to see you, but you probably have better things to do than stand in a line here at Parking Division (once you find us on the lower level of Trueblood Hall, past the SIUC Police, and down the hall).

What do I do?
Click on the Access Your Account link, to set-up and access your parking account

When do I get my parking sticker?
Parking stickers generally arrive within two weeks of purchase. If it has been that long and your sticker hasn't arrived, keep reading.

What do I do until my sticker arrives?
When you purchase our sticker online you get a temporary pass you can print and put in your vehicle's window.

Where is my parking sticker?
Almost everyone's sticker eventually arrives in the mail, but sometimes stuff happens. Contact our office. We will get you your sticker, and we will issue you a temporary pass until your sticker arrives.

Where do I place my decal?

Decals must be displayed upon and permanently attached to the rear bumper of a vehicle, right side up, and left of the license plate or to the outside, lower left corner of rear back window (excludes all side windows), right side up, so as not to impede vision. On a motorcycle or motorized pedal-cycle, the decal must be on the fender near the license plate. Decals shall not be obscured by the plate or any other equipment of the vehicle. Exceptions must be approved by the Department of Public Safety.

Temporary Permits are available if your car is in the shop.
Free with Current Decal.
In Office Only (Trueblood)

What Decal you can buy depends on where you live.

Elizabeth Street Apts RED/Yellow or Green
+ Housing Decal from the Evergreen Terrace Main Office
Evergreen Terrace RED/Yellow or Green
+ Housing Decal from the Evergreen Terrace Main Office
Thompson Point Green Decal Only with Option to purchase Lot 4
Restricted (additional cost)
Towers Green Decal Only
Wall and Grand Green Decal Only with Option to purchase Lot 113 or Lot 70 Restricted Lot (additional cost)
University Hall Green Decal Only
Off - Campus Commuters Red or Yellow Only